What Tech Leaders Are Saying

About Duke's Financial Technology Master of Engineering

"Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering is one of the few in the world that offer a graduate program in FinTech. Based upon its interdisciplinary nature across technology and finance, students will learn state-of-the-art FinTech methodologies and gain extensive hands-on experience, instructed by world-class faculty with academic and industry backgrounds. Talents trained by the Duke FinTech program will make fundamental and impactful contributions to today’s world that has been immensely driven by financial technologies."

Mingkang Liu
Former Chairman, China Banking Regulatory Commission
BCT Distinguished Research Fellow, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Distinguished Fellow, Asia Global Institute


"FinTech is the foundation of tech ecosystems, having talent that has the right foundation of education, experience and passion in FinTech is paramount to the future of global technology innovation. We support Duke University's graduate program as a trailblazer in FinTech education, shaping future industry leaders who will continue to drive exponential progress in the space."

Logan Allin
2003 Duke Graduate and General Partner at Fin venture capital


“Blockchain and digital currencies are revolutionizing accepted concepts in finance, graduates of the Duke's new FinTech master's degree will have the skills traditional and FinTech firms are looking for in these and other sectors.”

Rob Viglione
CEO of Horizen Labs, Inc. and Co-Founder of
Horizen, a public blockchain platform with native CryptoCurrency