Webinar with Duke FinTech's Jimmie Lenz: What is an NFT?

February 22, 2022

Watch Jimmie Lenz discuss the many different applications of NFTs

NFT's—Non-Fungible Tokens—are possibly the most misunderstood sector of the world of digital assets.

So much more than tokenized art, NFT's are likely to see real estate, finance and fund management disrupted, assets fractionated and shared and communities created and empowered.

Watch or listen to this conversation with Duke FinTech's Jimmie Lenz:

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The program is a discussion and presentation moderated by Mark O. Witten, Director of Portal Asset Management followed by a Q&A:

  • Welcome - Deryck Graham, CEO
  • Moderator - Mark Witten, CIO
  • Guest Speaker - Jimmie Lenz
  • Discussion - Nitin Gaur, Matt Spoke
  • Q&A
  • Summary of key points