Virtu Financial top leader joins Duke Fintech Advisory Board

August 10, 2023

Craig Messinger of Virtu Financial lists the key skills that a financial innovator must have


Craig Messinger, Virtu Financial headshot

Craig Messinger, Vice Chairman at Virtu Financial has joined the Duke FinTech Industry Advisory Board. The Board members will advise the program’s leadership on curriculum and general strategy to ensure that Duke FinTech meets the needs of students and of the financial industry. “I have been fortunate to have had a long career in financial services with a wide scope of experiences. Serving on the Duke FinTech advisory board is both an honor and an opportunity to give back to a new generation of financial services professionals,” said Craig Messinger.

He added that it is fortunate that Duke has created a unique opportunity for students to develop skills that are “at the forefront of where financial services industry is heading.” Given the rapid changes in a heavily regulated industry, Messinger appreciates that the program is in close contact “with companies and individuals who are navigating the changes that are occurring in real time and can serve as critical thinkers to the challenges and issues of the moment.” Asked what are the most important skills that financial technologists and innovators must have, Craig Messinger said that the most important are technical skills, such as proficiency in programming, mathematics, statistics. Fintech innovators need to also be creative which includes “listening, flexibility in solving problems and responsive learning”. Other important skills are discipline – especially important in a highly regulated industry – apprenticeship and credibility that comes with experience.

“The Duke FinTech program is focused on preparing graduate students for an exciting career in an industry that is growing, is complex in its composition, consistently innovating new products and services and serves an important part in the formation of capital and investments that impact individuals livelihood,” concluded Craig Messinger. Read his full bio here