Updates in the Duke Trading Competition’s top ten Traders

November 21, 2023 | Zoe Kim

Duke FinTech student Shunxin Zhang is now in fifth place, after ranking seventh in the prior week of the Duke FinTech Trading Competition

By Zoe Kim





Wenzhuo Fei

Boston University


Benjamin Meyers

University of Southern California


Channing Spencer

George Washington University


Peyton Peterson

Vanderbilt University


Shunxin Zhang

Duke University


Monishwar Sampath

Rutgers University


Ralph Stout

South Texas College


Kevin Trujillo

University of Texas at Austin


Zhigao Xiong

New York University


Nikhil Dhengle

Stony Brook University


The Duke Intercollegiate Trading Competition has entered its sixth week. Wenzhou Fei, an Economics student from Boston University operating under trader name YouShouldKnowMe, continues to hold the first-place rankingMoving up in the ranking to take the second-place rank is Ben Meyers, a Finance student from the University of Southern California.Channing Spencer, an Applied Economics student from George Washington University, going by trader name liquiditycat—takes the third place ranking this week. Also, the Duke FinTech student Shunxin Zhang is now in fifth place, after ranking seventh in the prior week.

This week, the Trading Competition Team received feedback from our ninth-place trader, Zhigao Xiong, who is an Economics student from New York University. “My strategy is simple,” Xiong states. “I go all in on the Financial Service sector.” Xiong plans to pursue investment banking in the future, and references Charlie Munger’s value investing strategy as being key to his success.

Those interested in learning more about this event can view the Comp & Coin podcast–which provides weekly updates on the competition standings and share’s insights into trading strategies– and check the competition’s website and the Scoreboard page for up to date student rankings.