Students around the world are invited to sign up for the Duke Fintech Trading Competition

September 8, 2023 | Emilia Chiscop-Head

Students around the world are invited to sign up for the Duke Fintech Trading Competition


Launched in 2020 as an initiative to create a fun, virtual learning opportunity for students during the isolating times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the third edition of the Duke FinTech Trading Competition has begun. Interested graduate and undergraduate students need to sign up by October 4. The event has grown every year: more than 400 students worldwide from 41 universities participated in last year’s edition.

What differentiates the Duke FinTech Trading Competition from other similar initiatives is its unique scoring methodology – based on Sharpe ratio calculation – intended to reward skills and not luck.

The main goal of the competition is to not only “unlock the ability to produce passive or near passive income to more people,” but to also “promote financial literacy,” as Jacob Vestal, Executive in Residence in the Pratt School of Engineering, Duke Master of Engineering Alum, and FinTech Faculty member told us. He, alongside newcomer and Duke Econ alum Zoe Kim, will co-moderate the trading competition and interact with participants in a podcast published on the competition’s companion YouTube Channel.

Students participating in the competition will have the opportunity to build and practice their quantitative thinking skills, strategic problem-solving and will gain a wealth of experience applicable in many careers in the growing FinTech industry. The winners of the competition will also win substantial monetary prizes.

“By competing in this event, students have a chance to gain public exposure regarding what they know in this field and enhance their trading skills. It is an amazing development experience,” said Jacob Vestal, who is leading the competition on behalf of Duke Fintech.

To sign-up, visit the competition’s Sign-Up page and follow the instructions.