Kate Sampson, Anthemis’ managing director and partner joined Duke FinTech Advisory Board

September 20, 2023

As a Board member, Kate Sampson will advise the Master of Engineering in FinTech program on curriculum and strategy.

Kate Sampson is Managing Director and Partner at Anthemis

Kate Sampson, managing director and partner at Anthemis with over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry has graciously joined the Duke FinTech Advisory Board. Passionate about insurance and committed to changing the finance world, Kate Sampson is a recognized thought leader in insurance innovation. As a FinTech board member, she will provide industry insights to the Duke FinTech program leadership with respect to curriculum, internships and other decisions that would position the program to best prepare students according to market’s demands.

“The more we collaborate with others with different perspectives who can learn from our experiences, yet also challenge our bias from years in the industry, we are bound to create better solutions that will transform our financial system to work better for all of society.  As much as I hope the students benefit from our experience, as Advisory Board members, we gain so much in engaging with the students, faculty, and staff at Duke. I'm excited about what we will do together in the coming years!” said Kate Sampson. Asked what some of the most important skills are that financial innovations must have, she listed passion, persistence and risk-taking as essential for founders and entrepreneurs. “As we've seen the market shift from rewarding "growth at all costs" to rewarding those who are building businesses with profitability, margin improvement, and sustainable revenue growth top of mind, having resilience and skills in leadership, business strategy, as well as sales & marketing are critical,” Sampson said. Kate has been a longtime supporter of the Master of Engineering in FinTech program, speaking at their seminars and providing students with advice and learnings based on her career in the insurance industry.  We look forward to her participation on the board and her continued influence on the program trajectory.