IBM Vice President Jerry Cuomo, the inventor of “Someone Is typing,” joins Duke Fintech Advisory Board

August 4, 2023 | Emilia Chiscop-Head

He will advise program’s leadership on curriculum and general strategy

Jerry Cuomo, the IBM’s Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, and member of President Biden’s Presidential Commission for Enhancing National Cybersecurity, will serve as an advisor for Duke’s cutting-edge FinTech Master’s Program.

As a board member, Cuomo will advise the program’s leadership on curriculum and general strategy to ensure that Duke FinTech meets the needs of students and of the financial industry. “Being on the Duke FinTech advisory board is a tremendous honor and opportunity for me as a technologist,” said Jerry Cuomo. While he is privileged to contribute to “shaping the program’s direction”, it is “the two-way street nature of collaboration” that makes it truly significant: “By working alongside the university’s staff and other esteemed board members, I can not only share my experience but also bring back the best of what this prestigious institution has to offer. The FinTech industry is moving fast, with innovations in digital finance and artificial intelligence leading the charge. By connecting students to this dynamic sector, we fast-track an infusion of bright energy into the main arena of industry, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and expertise,” Cuomo added.

He believes that students need to gain comprehensive and diverse skill set to succeed in this dynamic sector. Technical proficiency, from programming, data analysis to AI, automation and blockchain, “are the building blocks for creating cutting-edge fintech solutions”, said Cuomo. Students also need to have a deep understanding of the financial world - financial systems, regulations, and market dynamics. They need to exercise creativity and outside of box thinking, embrace innovation to “disrupt the traditional financial landscape,” and be willing to collaborate with very interdisciplinary teams. “Lastly, as a responsible technology innovator, you must prioritize data privacy and ethical practices. Building trust with your customers and stakeholders is paramount in the fintech world, and that trust can only be established by upholding high ethical standards and respecting data privacy,” Jerry Cuomo emphasized.

Read Jerry Cuomo’s bio on the Duke Fintech website.