FinCapital founder is humble to invest in the Duke FinTech ecosystem

August 18, 2023

“FinTech is one of those sectors where you cannot fake it ‘til you make it,” says Logan Allin.

Logan Allin, FinCapital founder

Logan Allin, managing partner and founder of Fin Capital joined the Duke FinTech advisory board. An emerging and competitive master’s program established to train the next generation of financial technologists and innovators, Duke FinTech has recently selected its industry board to advise on curriculum and strategy. “I am humbled to be joining the Duke FinTech advisory board as an opportunity to foster academic education, research, entrepreneurship, events, and investment in the Duke FinTech ecosystem. Duke alums have been involved in many of FinTech’s biggest success stories and it is our collective responsibility to further the opportunity for others with an interest in and passion for the space,” said Logan Allin.

The program has a large cohort of students attending in person and online degree tracks. In addition to academic training, students can build or enhance practical skills, during their required internships. “FinTech is one of those sectors where you cannot “fake it ‘til you make it”,” Logan added.  The FinCapital founder explained that being successful in this field requires domain expertise and operating experience. Practitioners need to be familiar with payments, banking, brokerage, insurance, and blockchain. They also need to know the global regulatory/legal landscape. “FinTech innovators need to have clarity of vision in finding platform opportunities in whitespace within large TAMs (technology acceptance model) and then focus on relentless execution and scale,” said Logan Allin. Read his full bio.