Duke Launches New Master of Engineering in Financial Technology

Duke's university center neighborhood at dusk

FinTech master's students will build expertise in developing innovative technological solutions for everyday financial transactions

At the heart of every seamless financial transaction is financial technology, or “FinTech.” It’s the savvy code that lets you pay for your coffee with a wave of your smartwatch, and the machine-learning algorithm that lets you trade stocks from your phone. It’s the app that lets you pay your share of the rent while keeping your bank account number secret. From bitcoin to blockchain, FinTech is changing the way we think about financial services. 

“Graduates of this program will be in great demand from financial firms, tech companies and the new breed of startups that straddle both fields.” 


Now, Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering and the Duke Financial Economics Center (DFE) have partnered to launch a new Master of Engineering in FinTech, one that will fuel innovation in the finance industry by teaching in-demand computing and programming skills along with industry-specific business fundamentals. Among the first programs of its kind based in an engineering school, Duke’s FinTech degree is designed to prepare graduates to meet growing need for technical expertise in the traditional and emerging finance sectors.

“Organizations occupying the drastically changing financial services arena are thirsty for employees who understand the practical application of both business and technology,” said Jimmie Lenz, the new program’s academic director, noting that an estimated 25 percent of Goldman Sachs’ current employees are computer engineers. “And,” he added, “it’s not just traditional banking organizations that are interested in diversifying their workforce. Ten percent of startups on last year’s AngelList were FinTech.”

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