Duke FinTech Trading Competition’s Top 10

November 15, 2023 | Zoe Kim

The Duke Intercollegiate Trading Competition has entered its fifth week. Learn who are the front runners.





Wenzhuo Fei

Boston University


Peyton Peterson

Vanderbilt University


Benjamin Meyers

University of South California


Channing Spencer

George Washington University


Monishwar Sampath

Rutgers University


Ralph Stout

South Texas College


Shunxin Zhang

Duke University


Timothy Nguyen

Boston University


Kevin Trujillo

University of Texas at Austin


Zhigao Xiong

New York University

The Duke Intercollegiate Trading Competition has entered its fifth week. Hundreds of students from around the world who are competing in this event can visit the competition’s Scoreboard page to see updated student rankings. Wenzhou Fei, an Economics student from Boston University operating under trader name YouShouldKnowMe ranks first. In second place is Peyton Peterson, an Economics student from Vanderbilt University going by trader name ppeterson1. Ben Meyers—a Finance student from the University of Southern California—takes the third place ranking this week.

The Trading Competition team reached out to frontrunners and asked them about the strategies that they are using, why they entered the competition and what their goals for the future are. Ben Meyers, currently ranking 3rd place, told us that his trading strategy consists of a “mix of short earnings option trades, approximately 20% experimental 0-5 days to expiration options strategies, and maintaining a diverse and uncorrelated portfolio of out-of-the-money short options.” Meyers added that he entered the competition “to become more comfortable with trading, and to build new muscle memory and intuition about how derivatives and their many inputs relate and react to each other.”

“I mainly trade Oil futures,” said Shunxin Zhang, a Duke FinTech graduate student who ranks seventh. “I used straightforward indicators and tools, and I paid attention to import and export data, as well as recent oil news; Saudi's oil cut, inflation, and interest rates really could shake things up,” Zhang added.  

Those interested in learning more about this event can view the Comp & Coin podcast - which provides weekly updates on competition standings and sharing insights into trading strategies – and check competition’s website.