Duke Engineering is Running Blockchain

Duke Engineering's Jimmie Lenz (right) with IBM's Brett Logan

Duke Engineering's Jimmie Lenz (right) with IBM's Brett Logan

Using Ethereum and Ripple, two popular blockchain platforms, students are learning how cryptocurrency flows 

It’s been 11 years since Bitcoin and blockchain launched, but the concept of anonymous, unalterable financial transactions can still feel a little bit illicit to those with little to no experience.

“I remember watching the news about Bitcoin and thinking, “This is so wrong. It has no regulations,” said Asha Mallapragada, a student in the Entrepreneurship and Founders Track of Duke’s Master of Engineering Management Program, who was working as an anti-money laundering consultant at the time. 

Jimmie Lenz, the director of Duke Engineering’s FinTech master’s program, which launches in fall 2020, expects perceptions like Mallapragada’s to shift as she and the other student’s in Lenz’s blockchain class learn more about the platforms, and gain a balanced understanding of when, why and how to leverage blockchain’s special powers: permanency, unparalleled security, and flexibility in facilitating different types of transactions. 

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