The battle for top three of the Duke FinTech Trading Competition has become fierce

December 7, 2023 | Zoe Kim

Duke FinTech student Shunxin Zhang moved up again, and is now in third place.

The Duke Intercollegiate Trading Competition is entering its final week. The battle for the top three has become fierce. The only student who maintained his presence in top three from last week is Wenzhou Fei, an Economics student from Boston University. After sliding back two slots last week, Wenzhou is now back in first place. Channing Spencer, an Applied Economics student from George Washington University, who was the fourth last week, has moved up two positions, and is now ranked second. Shunxin Zhang, a student from the Duke University’s Master of Engineering in FinTech program, moved up by two, and now lies in third place.

Shunxin is followed by Monishwar Sampath, a Computer Science student from Rutgers University. Asked by the Duke FinTech Trading Competition team what his strategies are, Monishwar stated that he is a “short to medium term catalyst trader.” “My most profitable trade was the LULU S&P500 inclusion news event,” Sampath told us. Those interested in learning more about this event can view the competition’s website. Stay tuned for the competition’s final results! The Duke Intercollegiate Trading Competition will end on December 15th.






Wenzhuo Fei

Boston University


Channing Spencer

George Washington University


Shunxin Zhang

Duke University


Monishwar Sampath

Rutgers University


Yaocheng Zuo

New York University


Timothy Nguyen

Boston University


Ralph Stout

South Texas College


Benjamin Meyers

University of Southern California


Kevin Trujillo

University of Texas at Austin


Peyton Peterson

Vanderbilt University