Battle for the big top in the Duke Intercollegiate Trading Competition

November 30, 2023 | Zoe Kim

Battle for the big top in the Duke Intercollegiate Trading Competition

The Duke Intercollegiate Trading Competition is entering its last few weeks. Peyton Peterson, an Economics student from Vanderbilt University, takes the first place after being the fourth in previous weeks.Ben Meyers, a Finance student from the University of Southern California, continues to hold the second place.Wenzhuo Fei, an Economics student from Boston University going by trader name YouShouldKnowMe - takes the third place after being at the top of the list in the previous weeks. Channing Spencer, from George Washington University, moves one position down, being now the fourth. “I am a short to medium term swing trader primarily focused on spot equities, crypto, and options across a range of asset classes,” said Spencer. He specified that he “maps liquidity areas and used fib retracement and standard deviation measurements in coordination with public sentiment for specific assets rather than indices.” Spencer added: “I’m much more of an agnostic trader. I almost never care about mainstream market narratives, but rather seek out favorable risk/reward opportunities based solely on price activity and do business at extremities with a managed contrarian mindset.” Duke FinTech student, Shunxin Zhang, continues to hold the fifth position in competition’s top ten. Those interested in learning more about this event can view the competition’s website.





Peyton Peterson

Vanderbilt University


Benjamin Meyers

University of Southern California


Wenzhuo Fei

Boston University


Channing Spencer

George Washington University


Shunxin Zhang

Duke University


Monishwar Sampath

Rutgers University


Ralph Stout

South Texas College


Timothy Nguyen

Boston University


Kevin Trujillo

University of Texas at Austin


Zhigao Xiong

New York University