The 2023 Duke FinTech Trading Competition announced the winners

December 16, 2023 | Zoe Kim

The 2023 Duke FinTech Trading Competition announced the winners.

The 2023 Duke Intercollegiate Trading Competition announced the final results. The winner is Wenzhuo Fei, an Economics student from Boston University who ranked first during most weeks of this intercollegiate trading event. Channing Spencer, an Applied Economics student from George Washington University, ranks second – moving up by two compared to where he was exactly a month ago. “I’m much more of an agnostic trader. I seldom care about mainstream market narratives, but rather seek out favorable risk/reward opportunities based solely on price activity and do business at extremities with a managed contrarian mindset,” Channing told us a few weeks ago.

Benjamin Meyers, a Business Administration and Finance student from the University of Southern California moved back up. He ended the competition in third place – precisely as he ranked one month ago. Asked then what his strategy is, Mayers said it has consisted of a “mix of short earnings option trades, approximately 20% experimental 0-5 days to expiration options strategies, and maintaining a diverse and uncorrelated portfolio of out-of-the-money short options.”

Vanderbilt student Peyton Peterson follows him. Duke FinTech student Shunxin Zhang finished the competition in fifth place, precisely where he was a month ago, although he was in second place recently. These top 5 winners will receive monetary prizes with generous support from the competition’s sponsors: Schonfeld Strategic Advisors and the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC). 





Wenzhuo Fei

Boston University


Channing Spencer

George Washington University


Benjamin Meyers

University of Southern California


Peyton Peterson

Vanderbilt University


Shunxin Zhang

Duke University


Monishwar Sampath

Rutgers University


Timothy Nguyen

Boston University


Kevin Trujillo

University of Texas at Austin


Ralph Stout

South Texas College


Zhigao Xiong

New York University