Jerry Cuomo

Chief Technology Officer, IBM

Jerry Cuomo

Gennaro (Jerry) Cuomo holds the prestigious title of IBM Fellow and has been instrumental in shaping IBM's technology landscape since 1987. Among his significant achievements, Cuomo played a critical role in developing IBM's WebSphere Software. His innovative work helped establish WebSphere as a top-tier application server, serving over 80,000 customers in various industries.

As an inventor, Cuomo has more than 80 US patents to his name, including the familiar "Someone is typing …" indicator used billions of times a day across all major instant messaging applications. His leadership at IBM has spanned various technology domains, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, APIs, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things.

In addition to his practical contributions, Cuomo has made substantial scholarly contributions. He co-authored "Blockchain for Business”, a comprehensive look at how blockchain technology is transforming the business world. His expertise in this area also led him to testify to the US government about the potential of digital currency and blockchain for enhancing identity protection and national security.

Cuomo is currently leading the way as VP of Technology in IBM's Consulting unit, focusing on AI-powered automation strategies. His thought leadership extends to his published works, “Think Blockchain and Art of Automation," and corresponding podcasts that explore deeper into these topics.