Lee A Reiners


Executive Director, Global Financial Markets Center, and Lecturing Fellow, Duke Law School

Lee Reiners is a lecturing fellow at the Duke Financial Economics Center and a lecturing fellow at Duke Law. At Duke, Reiners has taught classes on FinTech Law and Policy, Cryptocurrency Law and Policy, Financial Regulatory Policy, Climate Change and Financial Markets, and Cybersecurity Law and Policy. His broad research agenda focuses on how new financial technologies and climate change fit within existing regulatory frameworks. His work has examined the risks associated with cryptocurrency derivatives, the rise of digital investment advice, corporate governance failures within the financial industry, and climate-related risk disclosures. He writes frequently on FinTech and other financial regulatory matters on The FinReg Blog - where he is also Editor-at-Large - and speaks with financial policy experts on his podcast, The FinReg Pod. He also co-hosts Coffee & Crypto, a bi-monthly podcast that covers the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrency. Reiners also directs the Climate Risk Disclosure Lab at the Duke Financial Economics Center, which is dedicated to unbiased analysis around climate change and financial disclosure.

Prior to joining Duke Law, Reiners worked for five years at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY), first as a supervisor of systemically important financial institutions and then as a senior associate within the executive office.  In the latter capacity, he helped coordinate the FRBNY’s engagement with international standard-setting bodies, such as the Bank for International Settlements and the Financial Stability Board.  While at the FRBNY, Reiners worked closely with other federal and state regulatory agencies.

Reiners has previously taught corporate finance and managerial economics in the MBA Program at Saint Peter’s University. In 2004-2005, Reiners served as a U.S. Army communications specialist in Baghdad, Iraq.

Reiners received a BSc in business economics, summa cum laude, from the University of St. Thomas and a MPP with a global policy concentration from Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy. Reiners holds the chartered financial analyst designation and serves on the CFA Institute's Capital Markets Policy Council. 

Appointments and Affiliations

  • Lecturing Fellow of Economics

Contact Information


  • M.P.P. Duke University, 2011

Courses Taught

  • LAW 738: Financial Law and Regulation: Practitioner's Perspective
  • LAW 644: Bass Connections for Law Credit
  • LAW 640: Independent Research
  • LAW 611: Readings
  • LAW 580JS: FinTech Law & Policy
  • LAW 304: Big Bank Regulation
  • ISS 796T: Bass Connections Information, Society & Culture Research Team
  • ISS 795T: Bass Connections Information, Society & Culture Research Team
  • ISS 396T: Bass Connections Information, Society & Culture Research Team
  • ISS 395T: Bass Connections Information, Society & Culture Research Team
  • ISS 392: Independent Study
  • FMKT 390S: Selected Topics in Financial Markets
  • ECON 390S: Selected Topics in Economics
  • CYBERSEC 502: Cybersecurity and Interdisciplinary Law/Ethics/Policy/Privacy Considerations

In the News

Representative Publications

  • Reiners, L, A Proposal for Oversight of Digital Asset Spot Markets in the U.S., TechREG Chronicle (2022), pp. 1-7 [abs].
  • Reiners, L, Cryptocurrency and the State: An Unholy Alliance, Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal, vol 30 no. 3 (2021), pp. 695-715 [abs].
  • Reiners, L; Gellasch, T, From Laggard to Leader: Updating the Securities Regulatory Framework to Better Meet the Needs of Investors and Society (2021) [abs].
  • Reiners, L, Regulation of Robo-Advisory Services (2021), pp. 395-419 [abs].
  • Reiners, L, The Uncertain Prudential Treatment of Crypto-Assets (2021) [abs].