Jimmie Lenz


Executive Director of the FinTech Engineering Masters Program

Dr. Lenz is an experienced executive, lecturer, and scholar in the field of banking and capital markets.

Jimmie is the Executive Director of the Master of Engineering in FinTech at the Pratt School of Engineering, teaching Machine Learning and Blockchain.  He has a secondary appointment as the Irene and Frank Salerno Visiting Professor of Financial Economics, and leads the Digital Asset Research and Engineering Collaborative (DAREC).  Jimmie Co-Hosts the popular "Coffee and Crypto" podcast with Lee Reiners.

Starting his career as an equity and derivatives trader over 25 years ago, Jimmie found he reveled in fast moving atmospheres that required both strategic thought and the ability to take immediate action.  His successes propelled him into a number of senior management roles within the finance community including leading an NYSE broker dealer with foreign and domestic operations, Chief Risk Officer and Chief Credit Officer at a top three broker dealer, and the Head of Predictive Analytics for one of the largest Wealth Management firms in the US.   

Global financial services firms and exchanges have engaged Jimmie to address issues related to strategy, analytics application, risk mitigation, and business efficiencies.  This in-depth understanding of the capital markets industry has allowed him to provide crucial perspectives in foreign and domestic regulatory matters, including the presentation of findings to the Security and Exchange Commission. 

Jimmie holds an undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina, a Master of Science in Finance from Washington University in Saint Louis, and Doctor of Business Administration-Finance from Washington University’s Olin Business School.  Jimmie currently serves as an Advisor to REIN insurance and a partner at TruckCoinSwap.  He frequently speaks and publishes on topics leveraging innovation, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and quantitative analysis and has a number of pending patents related to his work.

Appointments and Affiliations

  • Executive In Residence in the Engineering Graduate and Professional Programs
  • Executive Director of the FinTech Engineering Masters Program

Contact Information


  • D.B.A. Washington University in St. Louis, 2016

Courses Taught

  • MENG 552: Master of Engineering Supplemental Internship
  • MENG 551: Master of Engineering Internship/Project Assessment
  • MENG 550: Master of Engineering Internship/Project
  • FINTECH 591: Special Readings in Financial Technology
  • FINTECH 590: Advanced Topics in Financial Technology
  • FINTECH 565: Advanced Blockchain - Smart Contacts and Solidity Coding
  • FINTECH 564: Blockchain
  • FINTECH 552: FinTech Business Models
  • FINTECH 550: Emerging Trends for FinTech
  • FINTECH 545: Quantitative Risk Management
  • FINTECH 540: Machine Learning for FinTech
  • FINTECH 536: Robo-Advising: The Future of Investing?
  • FINTECH 522: Asset Pricing and Risk Management
  • FINTECH 512: Software Engineering for FinTech
  • FINTECH 506: Concluding Residency
  • FINTECH 505: Mid-Program Residency
  • FINTECH 504: Introductory Residency
  • FINTECH 502: FinTech Capstone
  • FINTECH 501: Financial Technology Seminar
  • ECE 590: Advanced Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • CYBERSEC 590: Advanced Topics in Cybersecurity
  • CYBERSEC 505: Mid-Program Residency
  • CYBERSEC 504: Introductory Residency
  • CYBERSEC 501: Seminar

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