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Financial Engineering Master of Engineering (FinTech)

Choose to learn online or on-campus

As a Duke FinTech student, you'll gain a strong grasp of fundamental skills, as well as the business, policy, and ethical considerations of developing and deploying financial technology.

The degree can be completed full-time on-campus in 3 semesters and online part-time in 5 semesters.

Jimmie Lenz“With outstanding faculty from engineering, law, economics and business, the Duke Master’s in FinTech is developing professionals with the skills to lead the next generation of innovation.”

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Potential Career Paths

Graduates of this degree program will be well-prepared to start careers in:

  • Wealth management and trading
  • Blockchain development/smart contracts
  • Payment and transaction services
  • Quantitative trading and analysis
  • Credit, lending and liquidity management
  • Digital currencies, such as stable coins and cryptocurrencies
  • Risk management and regulatory compliance
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) and algorithmic solutions

Degree Requirements

9 Courses

  • Two (2) Industry Preparation Core courses, developed in partnership with Duke's Law School and Fuqua School of Business  more »
  • Four (4) Technical Core courses in FinTech, programming and finance more »
  • Three (3) FinTech Elective courses Choose your elective track:

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1 Industry Capstone Project

  • The culminating experience of the Duke FinTech program. Students in teams design and build FinTech solutions initiated by industry needs or pursue their own startup ideas.  more »

1 Internship or Project

  • Full-time students gain valuable experience in the industry
  • Part-time students can receive credit for applying what they learn at work

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Seminar Series or On-Campus Residencies

  • On-campus students participate in seminar series, in which they learn directly from industry leaders  more »
  • Online students attend three weeklong residencies on the Duke Campus more »

The choice of online or on-campus is up to you. All students take the same courses, learn from the same faculty, and earn the same Duke degree.

Compare Online and On-Campus

  Online On-Campus
Minimum Time to Degree 5 semesters 3 semesters
Class Experience Live and recorded classes—Online interaction with faculty and peers Class attendance at Duke—In-person and online interaction with faculty and peers
Seminars and Workshops 3 in-person residencies on the Duke campus Participation in a scheduled seminar series
Academic Advising Online interaction with a faculty advisor In-person and online interaction with a faculty advisor
Career Services & Professional Development Support from career services professionals specialized in assisting engineering master's students

More Details

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Pre-Program Preparation

To foster student success, all enrolling students will be required to take both a programming skills assessment and an economics/finance assessment within two weeks of accepting an offer of admission.

Depending on the outcome of the assessments, we may require one or more online preparatory classes to ensure a strong knowledge base upon entering the rigorous curriculum.

Campus—Typical Schedule

  Industry Prep Core Technical Core Electives Internship or Mentored Project
Year 1
Fall MENG 570: 
Business Fundamentals for Engineers

Programming for FinTech

Asset Pricing and Risk Management

Spring MENG 540: 
Management of High-Tech Industries

Software Engineering for FinTech

Financial Institution Products & Services

Elective (option)

Summer       MENG 550: 
Year 2
Fall   FINTECH 502: 
FinTech Capstone



Elective (option)

MENG 551: 
Internship Assessment


Elective (option)


* Options for scheduling one of three required elective courses

Complete this master's degree on-campus in:

  • 3 semesters—by taking an elective as a fourth course in Spring 1 or Fall 2 full-time, or
  • 4 semesters—by taking a final elective in Spring 2 as a part-time student

Online—Typical Schedule

  Industry Prep 
Electives Internship or Mentored Project Residencies
Year 1

Programming for FinTech


MENG 570: 
Business Fundamentals for Engineers

Software Engineering for FinTech

    Residency 1
Spring MENG 540:
Management of High-Tech Industries
Financial Institution Products & Services
Year 2
Summer       MENG 550/551: 
Internship and Assessment
Residency 2
Fall   FINTECH 522: 
Asset Pricing and Risk Management
Elective 1    

Elective 2

Elective 3

Year 3
Summer (or Fall)   FINTECH 502: 
FinTech Capstone


  Residency 3

Residencies for Online Students

To provide an on-campus experience that bonds students to Duke and to each other, the online program includes three (3) residencies— at the beginning, mid-term, and end of the program. 

The residencies provide opportunities to interact with on-campus master's students, to attend class in person, and to experience Duke-curated professional enrichment activities including guest speakers, seminars and workshops.

Tuition and Financial Aid


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Financial Aid

Limited financial aid is available to highly qualified candidates through academic scholarships with an emphasis on increasing diversity within the program. Underrepresented minorities may receive up to 50 percent per year in tuition scholarship through our Diversity Scholarships.  

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